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She sat there before her computer, watching as her Sims fell in love after gaining a certain amount of attention, attention that showed they were desired.  She thought about this.  That wasn't something she really wanted.  She knew she was desired, but the simple words of "I love you" told her so much more.  They told her that the person's heart was there, that they found their life to be with her.  That was much better than simply having someone kiss you a certain way, or reach out and touch her cheek softly.

Love was something you fought for, something you worked on even during the worst of times because the person you love will always be there for you.  She knew that was how it was.  Her parents were like that, though she never really talked about it with so many other events that left more of a dent.

She knew that if something was true, you wouldn't try to preserve the relationship by dropping it, you would work on the matters together.  She felt that was how a proper relationship should be because you love that person and want to do all you can to be there for them.  And she knew that if something was good enough, one can wait for it.

And so she would wait for him, be there for him, and continue to say "I love you" because though people might find that to be a very foolish thing and wasting her life, she was scared that she would lose her life without him.  It wasn't the romantic way of doing it, it was just how she felt.  And so, she would wait...

I actually was thinking of this while playing my Sims 2 game. And then I began to question it. This falls in two categories though... ^^;
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September 13, 2005
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